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Monitoring / Surveilance Systems

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Access Control Systems

With the constant demand of electronic security of building related to the safety of your staff, visitors, your goods and data access control system has become an important part of your total security.

With our system you can determine automatically who is where, when and under what conditions. Access also works as a valuable assistant when clearing the building in the case of fire or any emergency. Also minimize the risk factor whereby dangerous situations or fraud and theft may occur.


access controls


Wadeo Ventures provides tailor made time management & access control solutions to all sectors of business. Whether you are looking for a biometric time and attendance system, computerized time recording solution for flexi time workers, or simply a traditional time recorder machine then we have the answer.

Access control system – Provides an innovative access control solution that enables organization to protect and control asset, properties, operation and information. Key features Biometric fingerprints, code and RFID cards

Access control is available with variety of options and can be either Network-based or Stand-alone.

v  Card and PIN for In & Out

v  Fingerprint Reader for In & Out

v  Fingerprint Reader for In & Card for Out

v  Card for In & Out

v  With its open architecture and user friendly approach, Access control can be customized to be fully integrated with Fire alarm, Parking and Elevator control, thereby providing an effective and efficient mechanism for building management.


  • All in one access control
  • Embedded software reduces cost
  • Centralized control
  • Scheduled flexibility and multiple roles
  • Scalable architecture: grows with your business
  • Custom reports


Access control powerful and flexible functions make it one of the most comprehensive, robust and efficient systems available.

  • Multi-site, multi-tasking and multi-user
  • Anti pass-back
  • Provision for PIN code and emergency code
  • Visitor management
  • Card-holder location in real time
  • Control of the events based on the person the door
  • Unlimited passwords and operator profiles
  • Flexibility to two up additional parameters
  • Presence meters
  • Automatic task scheduler
  • System supports all Windows operating systems.
  • Time zone and authentication management
  • Back-up management
  • Administrative management of the personnel database
  • Data export/import utility
  • Audit Trail through Operator Log File
  • Built in Report generator  

CCTV Surveilance Systems

Wadeo Ventures has invested heavily in state-of-the-art surveillance cameras from the world’s leading supplier of digital video surveillance products. We boast advanced technology and continuous innovation.

Wadeo Ventures can provide customized CCTV solutions for our office, home, commercial property or compound.  Current advancement of communication infrastructure has opened up a new world of CCTV remote surveillance.

Wadeo Ventures specialize in CCTV installation application from affordable small business solution analog camera to large scale High Definition IP camera application.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras - Designed to improve the level of security in a premise, advising the kind of camera at various locations. Key features includes Analogue and IP cameras, DVR and NVR


CCTV camera surveillance is a significant component of management and security control. New developments in security cameras and Digital Video Recording have made CCTV camera and video surveillance one of the most valuable security and loss prevention solutions available. CCTV security systems provided by Endeavour Security Solution Division are reliable, efficient and easy to use. We supply a range of different cameras to suit different purposes and environments such as:

Although mainly recognized for their use in security, CCTV security cameras are frequently used as a management tool to improve company performance and health & safety. By monitoring manufacturing progressions and quality control, employers are able to identify staffing needs and maintain consistent customer service.

With a CCTV System you can keep an eye on things even when you are out and about. From identifying intruders to providing reassurance to the public and your staff, the technology of CCTV security cameras allow you to monitor any area you choose and Digital Video Recording makes it easy to quickly find high-quality footage should you require it.

  • IP Cameras ( PoE& traditional )
  • Weather proof and dome cameras
  • Pinhole Miniature Cameras
  • Concealed Cameras
  • Day and Night Cameras
  • UFO & Bullet Style Cameras
  • Infrared LED Cameras
  • Professional DVR and NVR
  • Infrared Sensitive Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Specialized Applications
  • Remote Storage Systems